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Nevillebillie Adventure Park




We offer tons of activities for the whole family! The largest family ropes course with over 64 challenge elements, paintball,  Mystery Shack, side-by-side rentals on our 16 miles of private wooded trails on over 80 acres. 


Live Music

When all is said and done…There are people who work tirelessly to be singers and there are those that have been gifted with a voice and the ability to connect with people. Julia Neville has been blessed with both. Julia’s magnetic personality has been witnessed by thousands at shows across the United States. Those that came to see her were drawn back to see her again, those that have not seen Julia Neville are fans for life. Very approachable off stage Julia makes you feel like part of the Family and on stage presents one of the best Country Rock shows around. On the horizon is a host of radio singles ready to hit a local radio station near you. One of the things I have noticed is that Julia will seek out local radio stations in the market to help promote the shows that she is in town to perform at. Julia Neville is on a mission to find venues to partner with to not only grow both her fan base but also the venue that she and the band are performing at. If you have not had a chance to see Julia Neville live or sit and talk with her you are missing one of the joy’s of life.


At NevilleBillie Adventure Park in Logan Ohio, you find a recreational facility packed with a wide range of activities. We are the first and best family ATV rental location in Ohio, and we also have 3 paintball fields, the World’s Largest Family Ropes Course, Mystery Shack, and a 20′ vertigo tunnel . For motorized adventures we offer the capable 2 & 4 seat Honda Talon 1000s and The Hocking Hills Slingshot Experience! Our goal is to ensure safe, world class, one of a kind, fun for the whole family and to provide a great time for couples, bachelor/bachelorette parties or groups of friends. For years, we’ve served as a novel safe environment for people to enjoy our ATV’s, and provided venues for corporate outings and family events. We now are offering after hour complete facility rental for the discerning groups. We have a wide range of custom packages and guides to show you the forest and attractions. Custom build and Book yours today!

Our family was invited to visit the Adventure Park from the previous owner and we had a blast! It was amazing family time and with teenagers it was perfect because they were outdoors, off their phones and we really bonded! It was so much fun! The previous owner asked my husband and I if we wanted to buy the park. He said he’d heard great things about me and my music around town and says “It would be like a DollyWood!” I thought he was crazy! As a Country music singer/songwriter I love seeing people have fun, enjoy life together, make people feel good because life can get lifey sometimes. In 2019 I had opened for JoDee Messina and music was going great and didn’t think I’d have the time to do both. Well, Covid happened and all of my shows were cancelled so it was a no brainer. I love people so much and love making memories with my own family that sharing that with others was rewarding! Here we are now singing out and owning an Adventure Park with amazing staff!


5 Star Slingshot Experience

Lewis Perry and I went down there for my 30th Birthday and had a blast! The experience went way beyond my expectations and I had the time of my life. It was fun going on the highway and also taking the backroads. I will never forget this experience! Also the staff was super friendly, shoutout to Patience and Little Cearra (they both deserve Employee of the Month)! Thank you all so much!

– Ashley W, Tripadvisor
Fun Fun Fun!

We hadn't done ATV for some years. It was a great experience. We climbed hills and went through ruts and mud and all the good things about ATVing. 90 Minutes for the tour sounds short but really was the perfect amount. There is nothing we didn't get to do in that time. Great guides.

– Tammy, Tripadvisor
Side-By-Side Adventure

All 4 of us went in the 4-person RZR-1000 and we had a BLAST.... so worth the time and money. AND a special thank you to our the kind lady who watched our 3 dogs while we were out muddin'. I was ready to sit out and watch the dogs and she insisted I go.... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. It was an AWESOME time. Thank you to our guide, HUNTER.... you made it a BLAST !!

– Carol Harper, Tripadvisor
Had a great time!

Had a great time on an atv offroad tour with Koty as our guide. He was great as was the rest of the staff. If you're looking to go off road mudding in top of the line razers, experienced or not, this is the place. It doesn't disappoint.

– Kristi Eucks, Facebook