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  • Minimum of 4 people total to start game
Basic Package - Per Participant
Plus Package - Per Participant

Experience the adrenaline of open-play paintball near Hocking Hills, Ohio

We have 2 courses available for you and your new teammates to play on:

Woodsball is enjoyed by players that prefer to have a real simulation in military combat. Many choose to dress in camos and make a statement with their gear including BDU’s/camo clothing, military helmets, face paint and even ghillie suits if sniping is your preference. Popular woodsball equipment are military replica paintball guns like the Tippmann that we rent out to players.

Speedball was created for professional competitive paintballers and provides a standard field and better viewing possibilities.This is generally done on a a grass or artificial turf. Though it does not offer the camoflauge appeal of the woodsball, don’t let that fool you. This field transforms the game into less hide and go and more into it’s namesake quality — speed. Uniforms for playing speedball are mostly paintball jerseys, but just like the woodball feel free to wear whatever. FYI, most paintball jerseys (and pants combos) have some padding built into them for extra protection.

About Our Packages

Paintball BASIC Package: — Includes your marker, mask, CO2 tank, and 500 rounds.
Paintball PLUS Package: — Includes your marker, mask, CO2 tank, 1000 rounds and CO2 refill

Woodsball or Speedball available!